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With the development taking place in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in the organization and legislation of the Ministry of Housing with regard to real estate management and the adoption of the unified electronic contract as Sima Real Estate Services and Valuation Company seeks to work with real estate owners as a basic partner in order to preserve the value of the property and seek to increase income by working with a scientific methodology and developing plans necessary to develop the real estate in an effective manner as its importance lies in real estate management in preserving the real estate and its periodic maintenance with technical follow-up to raise the financial efficiency as well as the capital value of the property as the ineffective use of real estate management leads to financial losses in the rental value. Consequently, the value of the asset decreases. Therefore, Sima Real Estate Valuation and Services seeks to contribute to achieving the following objectives of the owner:

 - Reducing occupancy rates

 - Increasing the operational life of the property through technical follow-up of the condition of the property

 - Increasing revenues that lead to raising the capital value of the property

- Legal protection of the property