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In light of the changes taking place in the organization of the real estate brokerage profession and the launch of the rental network services of the Ministry of Housing according to Cabinet Resolution No. 131, it was necessary to keep pace with the changes taking place in real estate brokerage.

As Sima Saudi Arabia rehabilitated its cadres by obtaining a professional real estate broker certificate from the Saudi Real Estate Institute and an accreditation certificate from a rental network and thus Sima becomes one of the approved companies providing brokerage services from a rental network.

As you know, marketing a real estate product, whether it is a real estate eye, a real estate project, or a real estate service is subject to the rules of scientific marketing. The practice is the same as any traditional consumer good, so we always strive to develop the optimal marketing mix for each real estate product marketed by us.

Sima is keen, when determining the appropriate promotional mix, to study and understand the promotional needs and objectives of its customers, the characteristics, requirements and behaviors of the target segments and their purchasing capabilities, the competitive characteristics and advantages of the real estate product to be promoted, the proposed prices and their suitability for the target audience and their alignment with market conditions , the motives and barriers to purchase - rent - Investment.